Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mac VERA pearlglide eyeliners

so i have had an experience with these liners before because undercurrent is a color i purchased in a previous collection

these are the colors i own and are in the vera collection and a little side note i think i LOVED the Vera collection more than the Shop Mac Cook MAc collection i pretty much bought this entire collection :)

the first shade is INDUSTRIAL which is a Blue with lots of purple throughout it i don't own any liner like this one and am very happy about it. this is actually to me the eyeliner form of Lancomes Luring which is one of my FAV colors!

Next is BlackSwan this is a Black Eyeliner with Silver and i also see some blue to it another color i haven't seen anything like it.

next is Designer Purple ok again i had to have it PURPLE! LOL i love this color is just a beautiful Purple liner with purple glitter throughout it

and last is undercurrent a teal with gold reflex throughout it i wish they had an eyeshadow like this and if anyone does know of a eyeshadow like this let me know asap I don't know why but i feel like why doesnt NARS have an Eyeshadow like this because i know alot of Nars eyeshadows tend to have those reflex throughout them but never the less i love this Liner shade so amazing

Swatches: from left to right
Undercurrent, Designer Purple, Black Swan, Industrial

i have the line with the colors in 1 pass and the square is the color built up

do you see how amazing these are so beautiful!

i rate these a 10 get them if they aren't sold out :)

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