Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mac Shop&Drop Quad

So as you all know in my previous post i am a sucker for purples and when i saw this palette in the promo photos i wanted to scream! i loved the look of this palette and now having it i love it even more!

so as you can see this palette has a very lovely combo of purples and a dark blue color i say this is such a perfect color combo IMO that you just cant say no :D



SUGAR SNACK: is a matte this color is very pretty i love it but it does gve some problems when applying the color i personally wouldn't say because this shade isn't a perfect 10 to avoid this palette because it does give a nice color pay off

HYPNOTIZING: FROST i love how complex this shade is so pretty it is like a taupe mixed with purple but with some pink to it so lovely and the application i have no complaints with

POWER BOOSTED: vELUXE PEARL this purple i do love it but i hate how it is giving me some problems with application maybe its just me because i have seen reviews prasing the application of this shade but its not so great for me sadly :(

Shop&Drop: Satin i love this color so much its just a pretty navy blue with blue reflex throughout it i don't have any issues with application of this color i actually think this is the best shade of this quad

if you love purples go for it this palette is very pretty and I can forgive the application duds in it

i say this palette is a 9.0 (^_^)

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