Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lancome Color Design Vert Tendresse

Following up from the 1st Lancome Spring 2012 Palette i Posted this is the Second Limited Edition Vert Tendresse 5 in 1 eyeshadow Palette

Just like the First Palette it has the same limited Edition Design on the Front of the Palette

This palette I Adore its one of those palettes though you have to see in person to really Appreciate im not big on greens but this is such a stunning palette and it def falls into that Spring Pastels of 2012

now on to Swatches

Dry with no Base these colors don't have the Best Pay off but you can see each color is unique throughout this palette

With a base under there is a BIG Difference but sadly my camera was telling me no to getting a on point photo i am sorry about that (;A;)

And since i couldn't get a Perfect pic with the Base Photos to help my Description I Want to post the colors used Wet with the Dry and base so it can help me a explain a bit more

1 All Over Lid to Brow: this color is stunning! you can tell in the photos but for some reason the best way i can describe this color is like a Powder Green its so Complex and i think it would Be a Beautiful Transition color not used wet it would Be an okay Brow Highlight

2 Lid shade: this shade is also very pretty i think cool skin tones would really appreciate ths shade no complaints pigmentation is great

3 Crease Shade: i love this color i haven't been Big on the last 2 Crease shades but this one i love i would even use it all over the lid it has Silver Glitter in it that really Shines through When used Wet

4 Highlight: this color is a frosty white but the twist is it has green reflex in it which makes it more complex so your not just getting a regular Frosty white shade i think this is my number one color in this palette because it's so complex

5 Liner: another beaut this is a dark green with tons of glitter reflex in it and again using this wet the reflex does not budge sooo pretty as a liner but even using the color to create a smokey eye with this palette would be amazing

this palette i rate a 10 no issues here (^_~)/

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