Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lancome Color Design Spring 2012 Rose Romance

This post is going to be all about the New Lancome Color Deign 5 in 1 eyeshadow Palette in Rose Romance this spring its all about Pastels and Lancome is Certainly Delivering that with the Two Palettes they Have Released.

The Packaging again for these Palettes Are Special it says "Les Yeux Doux' On each of them and these Palettes are Limited Edition so i would Suggest if you end up loving this post and you want the palettes to get your hands on them asap (^_^)

Pinks Pink Pinks this palette has all different Shades of pink and the funny thing is I Am NOT a Pink Person but when I saw this in the Store I Said I want it! LOL

Looking at these colors and even in the swatches i Believe both cool and warm skin can get a good use of this palette

Now on to the Swatches

Dry with No Base i Have to say I Am not the Biggest Fan i think the colors look way to Similar they are still pretty but i just think it has that cotton candy Vomit feel to it too much of the same IMO

Now With A Base
you can see more of a difference between colors i am loving the lid shade and liner shade in this palette and again a lot more vibrant

Now on to the colors themselves

1 the "all over lid to brow shade": unlike Violet Sweetheart i have to say i WOULD use this color as a brow highlight its a icy pink shade and it would also be pretty for a inner corner color

2 the "lid color": my 2nd favorite in the palette is like a tangerine pink shade i just love how this color looks no complaints about this one

3 the crease shade: ok so maybe because i tend to NOT be a fan of Pinks this color but i dont see it being Number 1 to a lot of people plus you ave to pack it on to get awesome color payoff i will say its Mmm Just Okay.

4 the highlighter: this shade looks similar to number 1 but it is Different. this is a lot more pink though in my Photos its coming out a bit Silvery for some reason and the First shade has more White to it. Very pretty for a highlight i do like it

5 Liner Color: this is my favorite of the Palette i'm not big on Brown eyeshadows but i love this color is very rich an smooth and has very small pink reflects not so much that its Very Obvious like in the Violet Sweetheart liner color but just enough that it makes the shade Complex and Different.

Now I Would Like to Show the Colors Used WET you can really see a difference in the Highlighting shaded the 1st being more icy and the 2nd being more pink also that crease color did Not really improve being used Wet

i would Rate this from 1- 10 a 7

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