Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lancome Color Design Violet Sweetheart

O.k So I have a Bunch of swatches from different Lancome Color Design 5 in 1 palettes coming your way and i've decided to start with the most recent one I Purchased the Violet Sweetheart palette

SO this is how the Violet Sweetheart Palette Looks Usually the Palettes wont come with any Particular Design on them but this was a Special one that also came out with the Pink Envy Palette which is one of the 1st 5 in 1 palettes Lancome Had Released and Rose Coquette WHich i personally am not the biggest Fan Of

The colors in this Palette are very Nice The color that caught my eye the most was the bottom "Liner" Shadow these shadows can be used wet or dry i have used them both ways and i have to say i love them both ways it gives such a different effect dry and wet its kind of like night and day with how much more vibrant these colors become

this is the Palette with out a base. the colors have a nice payoff but the way i Love my eyeshadows is ridiculously Bright so i prefer a base

Now this is the Paette with A Base Underneath As You Can See the color pay off is alot more amazing these colors are so smooth i love it they have kind of a buttery feel.

the First Shade Is Like a Pink Champagne color this is said to be used as the highlight under the Brpw born and in the inner corner of the eye but i personally would never use this under my brow bone for the simple face i dont like too much color under my brow i would use it in the inner corner of my eye though and maybe if i want a more natural look all over the lid for a quick wash of pink. the color is Nice but not my Favorite

the Second color as i stated above is the "all over Lid color" it is a Pink but you can see right away it has alot of Lavender undertones almost like A tint of Grey to it as well I DO Love this color its very different but in the swatches it is difficult to come up on my skin though in person it looks very nice without a base it is true to pan color with a base more of that greyish purple undertone shows through, So it does change a bit but never the less still an awesome color.

The third middle shade the "Crease color" is a Grey Satin color it has very little silver reflects in it really not too much to say about this shade its very nice not the best

Now In My Opinion the Star of the show the Fourth "highlighter" Shade this color is another one that is said to be used in the inner corner or above the crease shade thsi color is a mauve with tons of silver reflects in it not chunky at all i would use this all over the lid with shade number 1 as the inner corner highlight so pretty Def my Favorite shade!

And last my Other Favorite The "Liner" Color I Love this color so much it is a Deep Purple with Tons of Pink Glitter Reflects in it i would use this as a liner but also a crease color or even mixed with the other colors to make the palette a bit more Smokey.

Now these are the colors Wet I Have to say the Last two i Love about 1000 times more wet because the effect the colors give off and the vibrancy and the fact those glitter reflects do NOT budge! so amazing the matte shade i put wet and it only made about 0.1% difference in the color so not to much and the shade number 1 all over i again would not place that from lid to brow!

overall from 1-10 i would say Probably an 8

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