Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lancome Color Design Lilac Seduction

I Know my post are not from oldest to newest but i figure i would post my collection rather than whats the newest/oldest palettes

now this Palette was released i believe sometime before Christmas and comes in Limited Edition Packaging as well

SO Let me Just Say I ADORE PURPLE anything purple i have to have so this palette was def one of those and it did NOT Disappoint the colors are STUNNING!


Dry no Base

With Base

And finally WET (SOOOOO STUNNING!!!)

Shade 1 All Over Lid to Brow: this color is like a Milky pink with Alot of Silver Glitter this one has certainly been different from the last Palettes i posted because the glitter it is a very pretty color and i would use this as a highlight for under the brow for sure it kind of has a matte finish except for the glitter throughout it

2 lid shade: ok i am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! this shade looks like a Jewel on the skin Especially Wet i love this color so much it def has some pink to it as well love it!

3 crease: this crease color reminds me a bit of the crease color in the violet sweetheart palette i think this one is a hint darker? it gave me the same application trouble as the violet sweetheart one again not too much to say pretty but meh

4 highlighter: this color i LOVE as well its like a taupe Purple color! so pretty for the inner corner maybe to touch in a bit as a transition color as well pigmented dry with a base and wet love it blends so easily too

5 Liner: this is another Big LOVE of mine its a rich deep purple but it has some blue to it which you would think it wouldnt work for this palette but actually its the color that brings it all together i would use this to make a smokey eye with this palette for sure! or even all over the lid and the lid color above it in the crease AHHH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (*3*)

Ok so this palette is a 10!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way LOVE it WOrth it Get it :)

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