Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I Know there have been many Videos many Blogs with swatches already but i figured hey ill show mine Just in case i have a color anyone wanted to see... Over all these are the BEST You can create Any lip color you want with these. They are Veryyyyy Pigmented as well so You only need a small amount you really can't over apply with these, also I Recommend Using a Brush not applying directly with the Tube. the colors I Have are Rx, memento, complex, petty beige, safety orange, Feathered, clear, tarred, Grandma, Pageant, Katricia, Hush, botanical, Anime, Demure, Traffic, and last but not Least NSFW. Now these Lip tars Run for about $12.50 From OCC BUT If you Search For Other Companies that Sell Makeup art Supplies You May Be Able to Get the Lip Tars For about $10.00 Plus Free Shipping on Spending a certain Amount. Here Is the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Website Link . Again These are Worth it! And Will Last Forever Because the Pigment is sooo Amazing. Also The Lip tars Do Not Consist Of A Sticky thick Texture even with the Amount of Pigment thats in these Lip Tars

This Is The Clear Lip Tar Very Light Weigt You Can Add A Pigment to the Clear and Custom Make colors.

This Is Feathered A Matte White these can Be worn Alone whatever your Style is But the White Is for Mixing Purposes Making colors Lighter if their too dark of a shade and Helps when Custom Making Your Own color.

Here is Complex Which is A Nude Lip Color one of the Couple they have Very Pretty Color adding a little for weddings would be good

This is Petty Beige At first i thought this color was going to be too dark for my liking But it really is a Beautiful Color If you have a darker skin tone this could make a Perfect Nude lip

This One is HUSH by Far One Of My Favs! Perfect for a Bridal Nude Pink Lip or if you don't want to wear A Nude color lip Such as Complex this color would def Be A Runner up

Next is Memento When I First saw this color i thought i had to have it! its darker than Hush But not too dark Def Wearable Another one of my Favs

Grandma is a Coral Pink Color I Wanted this one Months ago and Finally got my hands on it def recommend this One.

Safety Orange was one of the Colors i wasn't too Sure About gettning Because For one thing I Am NOT a fan of orange lol but i gave it a try and I Actually love this color it doesn't look Too Orange.. and is actualy wearable but again can be used for Mixing Purposes

Demure is a pink with alot of Purple/Blue Undertones Very Pretty Though not too Harsh You Can Lighten it with Feathered If it is But an awesome color none the less

Botanical Is One of the Colors I Asked My Self Is this really Worth getting? But i Got it Anyway and It's Very Pretty Again if it's your style to wear colors like this Go For it this color is PERFECT! but it is For Mixing Purposes You Can Tone Down Reds with this color Or Just Custom Make a new One

Anime Is BIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT Pink I Love This Color for that :) Very Intense But again can Be toned Down With white Or Black

Katricia Oh How I Love You :) I Love Purpe so this color is Awesome! Made For Mixing Purposes Or wear alone.

NSFW I Love This Red It's Very Pretty and Wearable

Pageant A Nice Pink A Mix Between Demure, Anime and Hush

Rx Such a cool color i love this i would wear this out and not care But again Mixing Purposes

Traffic I Don't like the way this color Looks Alone for some reason it didn't come out like the rest but again this is Mixing Purposes

Tarred I Lovee this color My Fav Black ever I Like Wearing Black I Have a ton Of Black Lipsticks and None Compare to this lip Tar but again Mixing purposes for those who don't like it alone

If you Have any Questions Please Leave a comment.Thanks 4 Stopping By :)


  1. Amazing swatches and really helpful. Thanks so much for doing this, I appreciate all the effort you went to. Diane

  2. Wow!!!! those are great!!!! great swatches and review