Wednesday, June 23, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics Swatches

I've Been Dying to do a post on this company and finally here it is! :) This company is a Mineral Pigment company and also carries everything From Lip colors, Blushes, Eyeliners, Eye Bases and Even Body Sprays! each Pigment goes for about 3.50 Each Shimmer And 5.25 for each Matte color Very Affordable considering other Mineral companies will sell for about $6.00-$10.00 Each. I Love this company the names of each Mineral Eyeshadow are very Creative After Famous Rock/Metal Genre, songs, Artists etc..(Amazing Idea!) Each Color Has its Own Unique shade not one looks Similar which is hard to find sometimes with Mineral eyeshadow or even Pressed Eyeshadow Companies. i have in total about 52 colors (I Know a lot right) LOL but their sooo worth it!

I WIll show some swatches of the colors wet and just simply over a White Nyx Jumbo Pencil

Oh and BTW I Also love this company because every pigment is freshly made right before sending out! and most are filled to the rim AMAZING!

Each Color set i Show Has Each Color Labeled as well As The Swatches Too :)

Faves: Hot Blooded, Secrets & Lies

Faves: Pirate, Mix Tape

Faves: 1979, I'm Eighteen, Little Angel

Faves: Leather n Lace, Glass Slipper

Faves: Love Drunk


Faves: Midnight Desire

Faves: SIXX!!!!!!!! Oh How Im In Love with this Color!

Faves: Wicked Games, Cupids Arrow

Faves: Kitten Has Claws

FAVES: Rebel, Rebel, Soul Mate

Faves: Big Break, In The Spot Light, We rock

Faves: All Of the Colors Equal

Well Finally thats it alot i know :) But Worth it Hope You Liked this Blog And If You Wanna Make A Purchase With High Voltage Cosmetics go HERE!!!

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  1. Great swatches! Love the look of everything here! Thanks! :D