Monday, May 24, 2010

Naked Cosmetics

I Recently Went to the Make Up Show Of NYC and Saw Naked Cosmetics Was There Again I Purchased Two Sets of Shadows for $50.00 Alone From the Web they cost $59.00 so they gave a pretty good deal. I Purchased the Ebony Collection and the Shock Effect Collection i Did some Swatches Of the Colors Over Nyx Jumbo Pencils In Milk And Black Bean..

This is the Shock Effect Collection

The Two Colors On The Bottom Are Shock Effect the one Above Is the Beginning Of the Ebony Collection

And these Are The Other Colors of the Ebony Collection

Here Are Some Of the Swatches

Those Were All Of the Colors From the Shock Effect Collection Which I Have 2 Say My Favs Have to Be The Purple, Pink And Lime Green.

Here is The Ebony Collection

I Absolutely LOVE every color from this collection But My Tops Are Silver, Purple and The Dark Hunter Green!

These Colors are also Great as Eyeliners and Applied Wet Makes them So Much More Vibrant. I Suggest Buying these Though If theirs a sale i think their wayy too Expensive Just to Buy one set.All Around Ill Give This Product a 4.5 only Because I Hate The Price if theirs no sale...

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  1. I Accidentally added two of the yellows Woops LOL